What is The Infinite Spark of  Being?

The name The Infinite Spark of Being refers to the interconnectedness of all living beings that is a constant thread throughout Buddhism, Hinduism and various other traditions. In the Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna tells Arjuna, “All living entities are My part and parcels.” Later Krishna also states, “He who is rooted in oneness realizes that I am in every being; wherever he goes, he remains in me.”

Who Krishna is or what God represents, is not the point. I myself understand this to mean that we are all part and parcel of the source from which we are all being spun.

Through various practices these verses and ideas went from being concepts that I had simply accepted, and only knew intellectually through trust in the teachers as well as the dharma, to being undeniable truths that I knew inwardly. They became more than ideas. They are now in the fibers of my being. They are deep in my marrow. 

The name The Infinite Spark of Being is to serve as a reminder that you and I have lived millions of lives. We have been brother, sister, mother, father and lover to every single person that we lay eyes on.
I loved them once before, and I need to continue doing so. That was, and still is, my work here on this plain.
To become more compassionate and understanding.

The Call Up The Mountain

We are all going up the same mountain.
It is the fog of the ego that tells you otherwise. 

So climb.

See your perspective broaden.
See the paths up the mountain mingle and merge.

This ridge, though it seems high, is not the peak.
It is your ego that tells you that you have summited.

Look up friends.
There’s more.

As you ascend this long winding road enjoy.
Because these harsh inclines are purposeful.
These uneven paths are purposeful.
Your pain is purposeful.
You are purposeful.

I’ve slid down at times and forgotten the view.
Taken different paths to get back to those vistas
once savored.

It’s all part of this journey we’re on.
We all go up the mountain eventually.
Even those adverse to heights and wilderness
will have to climb one day.
Sure you can hide down in the town for a while,
but eventually the mountain calls you,


You are Wild and Infinite

Turn off your television.
Open your windows.
Find open spaces.
Run to the ocean.    

“The sea will speak to you
if you become quiet enough.”

There is magic in these mountains.
There are spirits in these old tall pines.
These are the places they wrote about.
The places they sang for and explored.
These are the places that notions arise from
when the wind howls.

Brothers and Sisters,
you are wild and infinite.
You are the wolves and the fish.
You are these trees and these rivers.

So when you sit, sit like a mountain.

None of these places will last.
These buildings will fail.
These trees will fall.
And these mountains?
Even the mountains will change.

So go easy Brothers and Sisters.
Be kind.

It is a long walk home.